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Indian Guy Conducts Electricity Without Showing Any Signs Of Pain In This Video

Electric Guy VideoA guy in India can pass an electric current through his body and he doesn't feel a thing (or so he claims). In the video he puts a live wire to his tongue and another wire to a fan and the fan starts up and works. At the end of the video he holds a lightbulb and an electric skillet. The flips the switch, the lightbulb turns on, and an egg is fried on the skillet. He states that some people accused him of having some kind of implants in his hands that allowed him to do it but they tested them and there was nothing. the guy is an electrician of all things. He does seem to have a little bit of a spasm when the current first hits but he controls it. Or the whole video is a fake.

Check out the electric Indian guy video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Top 20 Bizarre Google Searchs That People Come To NinjaWax From

� 1. fat woman
� 2. real ninjas video
� 3. accident f1
� 4. fake nails
� 5. mutated kittens
� 6. german giant rabbit
� 7. fake fingernails
� 8. obese guy
� 9. funny stick flash
10. stick figure animations
11. crasy videos
12. long fingernails
13. hairless cat
14. trunk monkey
15. funny videos
16. battle card flash game
17. car crashs
18. chihuahuas dressed up
19. crazy crash car videos
20. beard of bees
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14 Year Old In Nepal Is Only 20 Inchs Tall And Could Be Smallest Man In World

Small Guy In Nepal PhotoSo this is one of the many photos of the 14 year old from Nepal who is only 20 inchs tall. Apparently he has to wait until he is 18 before he can be submitted to the Guinness�Book of World Records for the smallest man in the world record. His name is Khagendra Thapa Magar and this photo has him standing next to his brother who is younger than he is. There are multiple other photos of this guy over on Yahoo as well. Again this just demonstrates that most myths are based on fact such as Tom Thumb�who probably did exist and was similar to this guy.

Head over to Yahoo and view the full sized photo of this minature guy plus other photos of him.


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Brand New Crazy Huge 14000 Square Feet British Mansion Tour Video

Crazy English Mansion VideoIn this video a mansion house called Updown Court is featured. The mansion was built in England and according to the video took five years to complete. The grounds include 58 acres of parks, gardens, and woodland. The inside living space of the house is around 14,000 square feet with a good portion of the house completely covered in a rare marble. There are multiple swimming pool sized pools inside the house and a large hearted pool outside. Additionally it features it's own bowling alley and what looks like house stables (not to mention the staff and guest houses). This place really reminds me of Hearst Castle, the Vanderbilt mansion, Lyndhurst, and the Rockefeller in architecture, design, and uselessness.

Watch the full video of the tour of this British mansion house below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Photo Of Guy In Mexico Who Weighs Around 1200 Pounds

1200 Pound Guy PhotoA day or so ago I read an article about this guy in Mexico who they estimate weighs something like 1200 pounds. Apparently they don't have a scale that can weight him so that is really just an estimate based on how big around he his. They think he is probably the largest living human at the moment. The world record seems to be at around 1400 pounds from a guy who died awhile ago. According to the article this 1200 pound guy has contected a doctor in Italy and at some point in the near future he will be traveling there on a special plane to have the stomach reducing surgery. If this guy can't even stand up on his own how does he use the restroom and how much food does he had to eat to stay the size he is?

Head over and check out the full sized photo of this guy that weighs around 1200 pounds.


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Last Of The Ninjutsu Masters Decries Ninja Sterotypes In This Article

Last Of The Real Ninjas ArticleHere's an article about Hatsumi who is the last living master of ninjutsu according to the article. Apparently this master ninja at 76 years old is the only living student of the last "fighting ninja" according to the article. Apparently judo is losing out as a sport to golf and tennis in Japan where Japanese now seem to view it as sweaty and smelly. It's a sad day when golfers and tennis players are more popular than ninjas in Japan. Also according to the article the ninjutsu master guy isn't to fond of the current ninja sterotypes. One other thing the article mentioned was nunchucks being in the guy's training chamber. I thought nunchucks were made up as a weapon for Hollywood movies? Myth or fact?

Read the full article about the last of the ninja masters for yourself.


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Rocket Strapped Onto A Bike In This Video Goes 140 Miles An Hour

Rocket BikeThe commentary in this video is all in French but they first show a rocket engine and a fuel tank strapped to the back of a bike. The seat has been modified and is on top of the fuel tank. It appears to be some kind of liquid rocket fuel. Anyway, a guy in a helmet and a motorcycle suit climbs onto the bike and fires the rocket off. He shoots off down the speedway trailing some thick black smoke until the rocket fuel runs out. They cut away (so we don't get to see how he managed to stop it) and show that the bike was clocked in at 140 miles an hour. That is some hefty speed for a bike.

Check out the full video of the rocket bike below or click on over and view it on their site.


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Lady With 15 Feet Of Hair Photographed In China

Lady With 15 Foot Long Hair PhotoWhoa there Nelly! There is a lady in China who's hair is 15 feet long (or 4.2 meters for you non-USA people). She hasn't cut her hair since she was 14 which was 26 years ago. This photo showed up as one of the most emailed photos on Yahoo too. I don't know what the record in the Guinness World Records for the longest hair is but I'll wager this is pretty close to being number one if it isn't number one.

Check out the full photo of the lady with the 15 foot long hair for yourself.


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Photo Of Woman In Brazil Who Was Born In 1880 Which Makes Her 125 Years Old

Photo Of 125 Year Old WomanMaria Olivia da Silva lives in Brazil and is 125 years old. She was born in 1880. What are the chances that you will live to be 125 years old? I believe most developed countries have a life expectancy of around 75 years. The article states that they think Maria may be the oldest living woman in the world. She married twice and has outlived all but 3 of her 14 children. Her�son describes her as mentally sound and rational with an impressive memory. Good luck on getting to 125 yourself (check your Death Clock!).

Read the full article about the 125 year old woman and view a higher resolution photo of Maria over on Yahoo.


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If You Are Good With Descrambling Words This Might Be The Flash Game For You

Word Descrambler Flash GameWord Descrambler is a free flash game where you descrable words on a blackboard. There is a twist in that it has somewhat of a story line with a classroom and South Park like characters. You can either play by yourself or play another annoying little kid to see who can guess the most words and get the most points. The graphics and sound are professional (in a South Park sort of way). Good at word games? Give it a shot. Watch out for the bully at the beginning of the game.

Play the Word Descrambler game and watch out for the freaks in the bathroom!


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