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DRM Agent Spoof Video Featuring A Copyright Enforcement Officer With Each DVD Purchase

DVD Pirate Agent VideoHere is a spoof video on copyright infringement and DRM (that's digital restrictions management). The video starts out with a lady buying a DVD, "The Product" in a DVD store. Only, she doesn't quite get what she bargained for. Along with her DVD she gets her own special DRM Agent enforcement officer which follows her around, spies on her, and makes sure no one is able to copy the DVD. So when the lady talks to a friend about "sharing" the DVD with her the DRM Agent whisks her away from the "potentially illegal" encounter and calls the friend a commie pinko. Next up the a purse snatcher comes up and steals the lady's purse (which happens to contain the DVD). The DRM agant only goes after the purse snatcher once he finds out that the DVD is in it. He chases the purse snatcher down and then pulls out a gun. When the purse snatcher hides behind a mother and child he guns them all down just to get the DVD back. He brings the DVD back to the lady who originally purchased it but didn't bother bringing her purse back. That's DRM folks. Contains NSFW language.

Check out the full video spoof of the DRM Agent below or click over to view it on the host site.


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Tips For Driving In Brazil, If You See A Sinkhole Full Of Water Don't Drive Into It

Car Drives Into Water Sink Hole PhotoHere is a photo from Brazil where what looks like a brand new car is underwater in a giant sinkhole. Apparently, the water company was working in Rio de Janeiro and they didn't bother to keep people from driving into the hole (people aren't smart enough not to drive in the hole by themselves?). Anyway the water company had to pay for the damaged car and I wonder if that car was a total loss. The windows of the car are down and the car is full of water. I imagine if they ripped everything out of the car down to the car body they might have been able to repair it but it was probably cheaper to just buy a new one.

Car underwater in giant sinkhole in Brazil in this photo.


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