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Furby Lights Up And Burns To A Crisp In A Microwave

Here is a bizarre video of what happens to a Furby toy when it is microwaved. The head of the Furby burns brightly and then catchs on fire before burning down into a pile of ash. For a good time.



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Ice And Thermite Explode For A Good Time In This Video Clip

In this video clip they take a can of thermite, place it over a barrel size ice cube and light the thermite on fire. The thermite burns through it's container and drops down onto the ice where the whole thing explodes.



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2006 Ferrari Burns And Explodes On The Side Of A Freeway In This Video

Burning Ferrari VideoHere is a video of a 2006 Ferrari which was burning on the side of a highway. For the first part of the video cars just keep driving by ignoring the burning Ferrari until finally someone stops the traffic. Near the beginning of the video it looks like the gas tank explodes because there is a huge fireball plume before the fire dies back down. It seems like the driver of the Ferrari is standing a ways back down the road calling emergency services on his cell phone. Guess they don't make them like they use to huh?

Check out the video of the 2006 Ferrari burning and exploding on the side of a freeway below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Group Of Kids Use Aerosol Fumes To Make Fire In An Empty Water Jug

Aerosol Fire VideoThis video features some guys spraying some kind of aerosol can into various objects and then lighting the fums on fire. First they start out with a construction cone which explodes off the ground when they light it. Next up they fill a 5 gallon water jug with the aerosol fumes and light it. The fire starts at one end of moves down to the back of the clear jug which looks kind of cool. They also spray it on another guy's skin, light, it, and it burns out pretty quick. Lastly they use the construction cone again and it explodes off the ground (see photo). Don't try this at home.

Check out the full video of the aerosol fire below or click over to view it on the host site.


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Stupid Guy Tries To Drink A Flaming Shot And Lights His Face On Fire

Flaming Shot VideoLook ma! My face is on fire! In this video we have another winner who succumbs to peer pressure and tries to down a flaming shot. He fails to do it however and instead lights his whole face on fire. There is fire on his hands and dropping around the bar as he reals away trying to put the fire�out. Someone leaps over the bar to try and help him but by the time they get there the fire seems to have burned out. I can't really tell if he got any burns from it or not. It may not burn hot enough or long enough�for any burns to happen.

Watch this guy set his face on fire for a good time!


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Pyro's Get Crazy And Throw All Kinds Of Flamable Stuff Into A Bonfire

Fire Explosion VideoNow in this video there are some guys out in the middle of nowhere with a big bonfiring going. Being pyromanics they start putting various burning things in the giant fire. As far as I can tell the first thing they put in the fire is a lit road flare (notice it's pink). The burns pretty brightly. The next thing they put in the fire is a half a candle which is about six inchs in diameter. The candle brings the flame up about four feet for a pretty long time. Next up while the candle is still burning one guy goes up and shoots lighter fluid (or some such) into the fire which really makes the flames shoot up. Lastly they get really crazy and one of the guys picks up a blue stove fuel can (maybe white gas?) and drops it in the fire. After it heats up there is a huge explosion which knocks stuff around the fire away from it. The video replays the explosion over and over in slow motion. Hint: Don't try this at home if you don't want a Darwin Award.

Watch these pyro's get crazy with fire in this video for a good time.


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Burning Chemical Truck Explodes In A Giant Fireball That Engulfs The Freeway

Giant Explosion VideoIn this video which looks like it happened in Asia somewhere there is a chemical truck on fire on a freeway. There are a bunch of fire crews all around trying to keep the truck cool but the fire is rapidly spiraling out of control. Around half way through the video the truck loses it and explodes in a HUGE fireball that engulfs the surrounding firetrucks and guys. You really have to watch the video to get an idea of how big of an explosion it really is. The fire cloud stretchs up over the video camers recording the fire. Near the end of the video it says four people suffered burns but no one was hurt in the giant blast.

Check out the video of the truck exploding in a giant fireball.


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Guy Jumps Out Of A Plane And Sets His Parachute On Fire For A Good Time

Fire Flight videoOur hero in this video likes skydiving. Except that regular skydiving is for wussies right? You have to take skydiving to the next level which is what the guy in this video does. He jumps out of the plane and then deploys his chute. Now he takes a flare gun�out and blows a hole in his parachute which also catchs it on fire. Just how much more extreme can you get than parachuting with a burning parachute? Anyway the chute finally burns up and he dumps it. Falling the rest of the way he deploys a second chute and is safe. Does he get a Darwin Award Finalist medal?

Watch this guy play with fire for a good time.


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Hero Puts On A Banana Suit Soaked In Alcohol And Sets It On Fire For A Good Time

Guy Sets Himself On Fire VideoWe might have to start a new category just for videos of people setting themselves on fire. Frankly, I have no idea what goes through these peoples heads to cause them to set themselves on fire but maybe subconciously they want a Darwin Award. Our hero in this video puts on a banana suit and then has his friend pour rubbing alcohol all over the banana suit. The guy then takes a barbeque lighter and sets it on fire. Right away he figures out that what he has done is very very wrong. Almost instantly he drops to the ground and tries to smother the flames to no avail. His friends start spraying him with a garden hose but finally he just takes off the banana suit because it is burning him pretty bad. However, that doesn't get rid of the fire and he has to take his burning shirt off too. The video ends with him in the shower running cold water on his burns and telling the camera not to play with matchs.

Watch this hero play with fire and lose for a good time.


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Crane In This Video Arcs With Electricity And Burns Up When Crossed With Power Lines

Crane Gets Electrocuted VideoThe video here is pretty long and mostly consists of a burning truck. Apparently the truck deployed it's crane boom and the wire of the crane hit crossed two power lines. I don't see any people near the truck but there are a few people running around in the background and by the road. Throughout the video there is electricity arcing down the stablizers that the crane has deployed. The front of the truck where the engine is located is on fire. Towards the end of the video the wheels are smoking and the front ones are also one fire.

If you never knew why it was a bad thing to cross power lines this might set you straight.


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