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Year Of The Pig Features Two Faced Pig From China

Two Faced Pig PhotoOne of the number one emailed photos for today is this photo of a two faced pig from China. Apparently it has three eyes, two snouts, two mouths, but only one head. It's also the Year of the Pig in China.



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Kids Float Around Inside Giant Blow Up Balls On A Pond In China

Floating Blow Up Ball VideoHere is a pretty weird video from I think China where it has kids floating around on a river or pond in blown up plastic balls. There is a launching area and the kid is inside a giant plastic ball. The kid walks up to the water while inside the plastic ball and then floats out onto the water. They've used these kinds of things on game shows in the US before but I've never seen them just put kids in them and float them out onto a pond my themselves. Is the plastic ball sealed or where does their air come from? What happens if one of them starts sinking.

Watch the video of the weird plastic rolling balls with kids in them below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Woman In China Has Three Armed Baby Boy For The Win

Three Armed Baby PhotoSo the latest most emailed photo on Yahoo is this photo of a three armed baby that was born in China. There isn't any information on if his third arm actually works normally or not but by the way it is there I'm thinking it probably does. I did see some additional info on another site which said he is missing a kidney though. Additionally, it looks like the normal arm on the same side as the third arm is also somewhat non-normal (the elbow seems wrong and so does the wrist and length of the thumb). So now they are breeding three armed Chinese ninjas in China to take over the world or is this just from some serious river pollution? If you had three arms you could carry a secret weapon, use two mice at the same time, or even be�33% better than all the other ninjas on the planet. It's the new rage. Why settle for only two?

Check out the full sized photo of this kid with three arms and be envious for a good time.


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Photo Of A Giant Chinese Woman Who Is Over Seven Feet Tall

Giant Asian Woman PhotoThe most emailed photo up on Yahoo right now is this photo from China of a woman who is 2.36 meters tall. Yao Defen is 36 years old according to the caption of the photo and you can see her sitting on the right in the photo. For a comparison there is another women sitting on the left side of the photo and I would assume the other woman is maybe five and a half feet tall. Not only is Yao Defen tall but she is pretty much a giant (just look at the size of her shows). One of her shoes are as big as the other woman's head. There is also another photo of them comparing her hand to a regular sized man's hand and her hand looks like the size of a dinner plate.

Take a look at the full sized photo of this giant Chinese woman named Yao.


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Giant Panda Eats Cake Wears Crown For A Good Time On Birthday

Panda Birthday Crown PhotoIt's not every day that you see a giant panda sitting in a chair, wearing a crown, and eating a piece of cake with a fork now is it? The panda's name is Bass according to this news article and the giant panda who lives in China is celebrating her 25th birthday. I suppose this isn't any different than European dancing bears from the Middle Ages. The average weight for a female panda looks like it's between 155 and 220 so Bass is a chubber weighing in at 304 pounds. Fact is stranger than fiction for the win.

Click over to view the full sized photo of the giant panda wearing a crown.


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A Reporter At A Football Game Interviews A Fake Canadian Hide And Seek Team

Lo Dong VideoThe three guys at a football game in this video convince a reporter that they are on a Canadian Hide & Seek team. As far as I can tell the reporter has no clue that it is totally bogus. They even go as far as to say that it's actually an olympic sport and there will be trials at the 2008 olympics in China. The Chinese guy says that it's called Lo Dong in China. Riiiggghhtttt. The best part is when they cut back to the football announcers one of the announcers says, "I'm glad you thought it was interesting because I thought it was kind of weird." Clowns.

Watch this reporter get pwned by the Hide�& Seek team.


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Panda Grabs Zoo Visitor By The Jacket And Tries To Drag Him Inside The Cage

Panda Rage VideoHere we have a video with some people looking at a�panda in a zoo. Except this isn't a nice little cuddly panda. This panda is a seriously, I'm going to rip your throat out, rage blinded panda. The zoo visit in this video got to close to the panda cage and the panda grabbed him. The panda then proceeds to try and pull the guy into the panda cage. Other zoo visitors rush to help the guy. The video ends with the panda having mostly torn the guy's jean jacket off and pulled it into his cage. It looks like it happened somewhere in Asia and I would guess in China.

If you had to live in a cage in a zoo you would probably be pissed off too.


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Lady With 15 Feet Of Hair Photographed In China

Lady With 15 Foot Long Hair PhotoWhoa there Nelly! There is a lady in China who's hair is 15 feet long (or 4.2 meters for you non-USA people). She hasn't cut her hair since she was 14 which was 26 years ago. This photo showed up as one of the most emailed photos on Yahoo too. I don't know what the record in the Guinness World Records for the longest hair is but I'll wager this is pretty close to being number one if it isn't number one.

Check out the full photo of the lady with the 15 foot long hair for yourself.


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Amazing Fold A Shirt In One Easy Step

How To Fold A Shirt VideoSo I found this video of how to fold a shirt. Now, you might think why the hell would someone make a video on how to fold a shirt? Well I'll tell you, I fold my own shirts and they don't come out looking like the shirt they folded in this video. And the video is�from Asia�(which pretty much says it all right there). This�might be the professional shirt folding video they show to all the people that fold shirts for Walmart in China. I am awestruck.

Watch the Amazing 'Fold A Shirt In One Easy Step' Video.


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