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Weird Facial Expression Robot Gets Confused By Babbling People

Here is a pretty bizarre video of a face only test robot that does facial expressions. However, it doesn't seem to be able to handle the group of people that are attempting to communicate with it. It just keeps telling them to come close and asks their name over and over.



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Battle Crabs And Squid To Pass The Level In Something Fishy 3

Something Fishy 3 Flash GameMake sure you read the instructions before you play Something Fishy 3 otherwise you might be confused in this free flash game. Basically you need to get as many fish in a complete circle of bubbles as possible to get the most points. It's kind of like circle the fish but they all move and you only have one circle at a time. Harder than you might think. If there is a can or a fishhook in your circle of bubbles you get negative points. The graphics are professional and the puzzle is different each time you play as the pieces move around. Give it a shot.

Explore the fishy side of your nature and play Something Fishy 3.


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