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Weird Facial Expression Robot Gets Confused By Babbling People

Here is a pretty bizarre video of a face only test robot that does facial expressions. However, it doesn't seem to be able to handle the group of people that are attempting to communicate with it. It just keeps telling them to come close and asks their name over and over.



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Commercial Where A Guy Moves His Girlfriends Hand Around Like A Computer Mouse

Funny Workaholic VideoHere is a funny asian commercial (see subtitles) where a guy and his girlfriend are sitting in a restaurant. The girl is saying that she knows he works a lot and doesn't have much time for 'us'. The guy is sitting there zombified and cuts her off by grasping her hand like he would hold a computer mouse. He starts moving her hand around and trying to click it like it was a computer mouse. He even turns her hand over to 'fix' the non-existant mouse ball. The girl's expression is classic.

Check out the full video of this funny workaholic commercial below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Metal Robot With A Latex Einstein Head Walks Around And Talks

Einstein Robot VideoWe're one step closer to�a Futurama future! This video has a group of scientists from Hubo Labs working on a robot version of Einstein. I'm not sure what their overall goal with the project is other than maybe creating a robot tour guide or robot grade school history/science lesson. The head of the robot is a human shaped latex head of Einstein while the rest of the robot is your generic Japanese looking robot. The head and face of Einstein has facial expressions and 'talks' (though I assume it is pre-recorded). The head itself looks pretty good but it would have probably looked better had it been on a human sized body and not a three foot tall robot body.

Watch the full video of the walking talking robot with an Einstein head below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Woman Put So Many Metal Studs In Her Face You Can't See Her Anymore

Crazy 9000 Bolts In Your Face PhotoWhoa there Nelly! What exactly possesed you to entirely fill up your facing with piercings (see photo)? The story about finding this photo was simple. If you type "crazy" into the Yahoo! Image Search the second image is this photo of a lady with dyed red hair and so many piercings in her face she looks like a pincushion. Not to mention the tatoos, the black eyeliner, and gold makeup. Now I'm all for free expression and everything but when does it get taken too far? How do you eat with that many rings in your lips? You better hope someone doesn't grab onto those and pull.

Check out the full resolution photo of the lady with the 9000 metal bolts in her face.�The link for this photo was found at this website.


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Two Bulgarians Perform A Free Skate Dance Routine At The World Skating Championships

Funny Ice Skate PhotoAll�I am going to say about this photo is that there are a lot of people with dirty minds passing it around at work. It has been the top emailed photo on Yahoo for maybe 5 days now. The caption for the photo is two Bulgarians performing free skate dance routine at the World Figure Skating Championships in Moscow. Make sure you click through and view the larger image so you can really see the expressions on the skaters faces. Classic.

Head on over and check out the two free skaters photo for yourself.


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Gorilla Mobster Expression Photo

Kikabu Gorilla With Carrot PhotoAP has three amusing photos of a Western Lowland Silverback Gorilla named Kibabu eating carrots over on Yahoo. He livesin Sydney's Taronga Zoo and is part of their breeding program (hubba hubba). The gorilla looks like he is smoking a cigar the way he has the carrot in his mouth.�It makes him look like an Italian mobster from the roaring 20s.�Yahoo lists it as the most emailed photo.

Check out Kibabu mugshot, Kibabu with cabbage, and Kibabu eyeing the camera.

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