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Strange 3D Pirate Film Features A One Eyed Captain And A White Elephant

Student Pirate Film VideoHere is a strange little 3D pirate film which is about four minutes long. A lone pirate captain finds a treasure map in a bottle while trying to guzzle some rum. He pulls up the anchor (which is really a wagon wheel) and fires up the prop on his one man pirate ship. Once he reachs the island on the map he slogs through the jungle in the dark. He fires his pistol at an annoying firefly and kills the last living white elephant. Next up he finds the treasure chest in a cave and proceeds to open it only to find it contains nothing but a t-shirt. The island was really suppost to be an amusement park for the now dead white elephant. Told you it was strange.

Watch the strange student 3D pirate film below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Mutant Six Legged Lamb Born In Belgium For The Mutant Win

Six Legged Lamb PhotoSo the most emailed photo on Yahoo for today was this photo of a lamb which was born with six legs in Belgium. This fits right in with all the other mutant animal photos (remember the two headed snake and the one eyed kitten). So is the farm where this lamb was�born down river from any nuclear power plants,�in the fallout path from Chernobyl, or is this just random mutation? Is a lamb with six legs a better all terrain vehicle than a lamb with four legs? Would you eat the meat from a lamb that had six legs?

Check out the full sized photo of the lamb with six legs to get your mutant glow on.


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Mutated One Eyed Cyclops Kitten Born in Oregon

One Eyed Cyclops KittenWell these mutated photos are flying fast and furious now aren't they? From two headed snakes to today's one eyed cyclops kitten. According to the caption of the article this kitten was born with one eye and no nose. It only lived about a�day and the owner named it Cy. If you ever wondered where they came up with all the Greek monster myths like the hydra and the cyclops this is probably one good example of where they came from. And you though dragons were fake too huh? Wait until you meet a 12 foot long komodo dragon lizard.

Head over and check out the photo of this one eyed cyclops kitten.


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