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Darth Vader Helmet Made Into Hot Air Balloon In This Photo

Darth Vader Hot Air Balloon PhotoHere's a custom project where a guy made a hot air balloon shaped like Darth Vader's head. The article about it is somewhat light on details but it does say they sent a 3D object file to the hot air balloon manufacturers�and then made custom modifications once they received the final balloon.



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Look Ma No Hands Brain To Computer Interface Video

Brain Interface VideoHere is a video from CEBiT featuring a couple�people hooked up to a computer via some kind of brain interface. I'd had to say they probably don't have any implanted electrodes and the helmet that they are wearing picks up the brain activity. Both people are playing a game of pong against each other via the brain interface. There isn't really much to see other than the two guys sitting there and the pong paddles moving up and down on the screen. I've seen things like this before usually for people who are disabled but nothing that you could really go out and buy in the store. Coming any time soon to a store near you? I doubt it.

Watch the full video of the game of pong being controled via brain only below or click over and view on the host site.


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Rocket Strapped Onto A Bike In This Video Goes 140 Miles An Hour

Rocket BikeThe commentary in this video is all in French but they first show a rocket engine and a fuel tank strapped to the back of a bike. The seat has been modified and is on top of the fuel tank. It appears to be some kind of liquid rocket fuel. Anyway, a guy in a helmet and a motorcycle suit climbs onto the bike and fires the rocket off. He shoots off down the speedway trailing some thick black smoke until the rocket fuel runs out. They cut away (so we don't get to see how he managed to stop it) and show that the bike was clocked in at 140 miles an hour. That is some hefty speed for a bike.

Check out the full video of the rocket bike below or click on over and view it on their site.


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Dash Boarders Or Mud Boarders As I Call Them Get Crazy In This Competition Video

Dashboarding VideoApparently the sport depicted in this video is called dashboarding (by the people that do it anyway). If you ask me it looks more like mud boarding. As far as I can tell you go down to a river mouth or some other area where there is very shallow water and sand. Then you set up some rails to grind on and you "dash". Dashing consists of a surf boars style board that is flat but short (shorter than even a boogie board). The user runs and dumps on the board which is sliding on the top of the 1-2� inchs of water. Once on the board the dasher hits the rail and does a grind. Sometimes the dashboard eats it. One guy in the video (and only one guy) has a helmet on. He eats it. Everyone has no helmet and half of them eat it. Two or three of them break their boards in half.

Check out the dashboarding (I'm going to call it mud boarding) for yourself.


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Guy Shoots His Buddy With 25 Roman Candle Shots For A Good Time

Roman Candle Fun VideoSo the guy in this video puts on long sleeves and a motorcycle helmet and then stands in front of a roman candle firing squad. Apparently they have a roman candle pack which is 25 roman candles strapped togather. One guy lights this and aims it at the other guy (who also has a target on his shirt). They are backed by a harbor (probably New York, Hong Kong, or somewhere in Canada). Anyway so the roman candle's start blasting this guy and he is jumping around trying to keep from catching on fire. Eventually one of the shots gets inside his helmet and he has to rip it off and pour water on his head.

Watch this guy take a roman candle shot to the chin for a good time.


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Video Of A Skater Flying Off A Half Pipe And Landing In The Middle Of A Crowd

Flying Skater VideoSo all these people are at a skate board competition with a big half pipe in the center. The guy in the red shirt is currently riding the half pipe except that he makes a mistake. I don't know if he is using roller blades or a skateboard. Anyway he flies off the left side of the half pipe off into the crowd. He lands hip first onto a guard rail (OUCH) before slamming into the crowd and seating. Near the end of the video he gets up and is fine but he is lucky that he didn't break his hip. Any questions on why you wear a helmet?

Watch this guy get taken to the cleaners by a guard rail.


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Hero Rides His Bike Out A Winder And Splatters Into The Ground Cover

Bike Ride VideoI don't get it. The guy in this video is up maybe six to eight feat off the ground at an open�glass door. He rights his bike out the open glass door and falls pretty much nose down. The front of the bike hits the ground and the guy basically splats into the ground cover. He is wearing a motorcycle helmet so I doubt he was injured but really what was the point? Did he think he was going to be able to hit the ground riding instead of falling flat on his face?

Watch out hero take it on the chin in this video.


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Here Is A Look Ma No Brains Moment Caught On Video When They Go Bike Bowling

Bike Bowling VideoApparently the winners in this video got the idea to stack up a bunch of garbage cans and then ram into them for a good time. Now the video starts out with this guy on his bike getting up to speed. He is peddling right for the stack of garbage cans on his bike. One thing he does have over usual Darwin Award finalists is that he is wearing a helmet (gasp!). Anyway, he slams into the garbage cans and basically flies off the bike and through the cans to the other side. His bike for the most part is stopped by the garbage cans and amazingly the guy ends up on his feet.

Watch this guy slam into garbage cans for a good time.


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Guy Rams A New Motorcycle Into A Pine Tree Because Motorcycles Are FUN

Guy Runs Into Tree VideoThe guy in this clip just got a new motorcycle. Or maybe it's his friends motorcycle. Anyway he makes a brilliant decision to get on the bike without a helmet and try to go somewhere. However, apparently he forgot how to steer because he pulls away from the curb and goes in a straight line. At the end of the line is a tree. Guy takes motorcycle and meets tree for a battle to stay upright. Tree wins. Game over. You have to wonder if this guy played too many video games.

Watch this genius forget how to steer and ram into a tree for a good time.


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Two Crazy Guys In A Zebra Suit Run Around In Africa And Get Attacked By Lions

Guys In Zebra Suit Attacked By Lions VideoI couldn't decide if this video was more awesome or more deserving of�a Darwin Award Finalist medal. These two guys put on a bunch of protective gear (helmets, pads, guards, and more)�and then get into a zebra suit. The one thing I didn't see was face protection on either of them. They run around in the African bush wearing the zebra suit with the zebra's until they get attacked by two lions. They run away from the two lions but not before the lions knock them down. The guy in front finally takes his zebra head off and the lion grabs it and drags it off. I guess the lion had never gotten the zebra's head off that quickly before.

Well you could try this at home if you lived in Africa, you had a zebra suit, and a death wish.


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