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Cross Between A Zebra And A Horse In This Photo From A Zoo

Zebra Horse PhotoThere is a photo up on the most emailed Yahoo photos of a cross breed horse in a zoo. Apparently the parents of the horse were a horse and a zebra which gave the resulting animal a very strange pattern. The head and rear of the horse have zebra stripes while the middle of the horse (front legs and stripe down the back) are just white. Darwin theory at work!



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Real Looking Horses Built Out Of Driftwood For A Good Time

Horse Wood PhotosHere is a collection of photos by an artist who takes drift wood and makes horses out of a bunch of different pieces. They are surprisingly lifelike looking. They are somewhat of a cross between looking like a real horse, a zombie horse, and a mechanical horse. What really makes them look real is the background setting and pose.



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Photo Of The Glass Walkway Out Over The Grand Canyon

Walkway PhotoSo they finally got the glass looping walkway that goes out over the Grand Canyon built. Apparently it opens to the public on the 28th of this month. It looks like a giant horseshoe that is tacked onto the side of the canyon wall. It is glass in the center so you can look straight down into the canyon. There are two huge beams that the glass stretchs between. Additionally there are high glass walls on edges of the walkway. It isn't a solid piece of glass though and is instead just panels.



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Shaky Cam Video Of The Worlds Tallest Horse

Here's a video taken from what seems like a cell phone came of the world's�tallest living�horse. Apparently he eats 18 pounds of grain, 40 pounds of hay, and drinks 20 gallons of water a day. He's 6 feet and 7.5 inchs tall which I assume is at the shoulder and weighs around 2400 pounds.



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Guy Trades A Beer For A Radio For A Katana For A Girl Friend For A Case Of Beer

Beer Trade VideoHere's a funny beer commercial which plays on the same�idea that the "One Red Paperclip" guy used which was to keep trading away an item for a bigger item until he got a house. In the commercial the guy starts out with a bottle of beer and then trades it for a portable radio. He trades that for some balloons which he trades for a katana which he trades for a rack of suits and on and on. At one point he trades some pink poodles for a girlfriend which he then trades to a cop for his horse. Finally he trades for what I think is a Rolls Royce. The very last trade he makes is the Rolls Royce for a case of the beer that he started out with.

Check out the video of the beer trade commercial below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Patchs The Horse Rides Around In A Cadillac Like A Person

Horse Car VideoIt's come full circle now from horse drawn carriages to car drawn horses. The horse in this video is named Patchs and these two guys have modified their car so that the horse can drive around with them. The front passenger seat has been removed and the horse sits on the backseat and looks over the windshield. They also added some padding to the top of the windshield and removed the roof of the car. It looks like a giant white Cadillac but they used a spray can to put brown dots all over it. They buy cheeseburgers for the horse which he eats and he answers the phone and sleeps in a human bed. Whatever works.

Check out the video of the horse that drives around in a car below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Thumbelina Dwarf Mini Horse Is Only 17 Inchs Tall In This Photo

Tiny Dwarf Horse PhotoHere's a photo of a dwarf�mini horse. The people that own the horse breed small horses and this small horse just happens to be a dwarf�mini horse. The horse is about five years old now, weighs 60 pounds, and is 17 inchs tall. Normal small horses live about 34 years but because of her size this horse will probably live 17 years. The owners have named the horse Thumbelina according to the article. Apparently the horse prefers to live with the dogs rather than the other horses because they are more her size. They need to get one of these for the miniture guy in Nepal.

Check out the full article plus a large photo of Thumbelina the dwarf mini horse.


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Cowboy Monkey Rides A Dog Around In This Taco John Commercial

Cowboy Monkey VideoHere is a commercial for a taco fast food place which features a monkey cowboy. The monkey is dressed as a cowboy and he rides around on a dog who has a horse like color pattern. It's hard to tell if the monkey is actually controlling the dog (which I doubt) or the monkey is just hanging on while the trained dog runs around for the commercial. The video is set to a salsa music soundtrack and they have galloping sounds dubbed in for the running dog. The premise of the commercial seems to be that they deliver food really fast as the cowboy monkey blazes by people and leaves them their food.

Check out the full video of the cowboy monkey riding a dog around in this commercial below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Square Watermelons Raw Horse Meat And Sparrow On A Stick In Japan

Square Watermelon PhotoI saw a photo of a square watermelon over on another blog but there was no additional information to go with it. Looking for more information I came across a site in Japan which talks about square watermelons (and other foods). Apparently they grow square watermelons in a glass box and in Japan they cost something like 10,000 yen a pop at the time the webpage was written. It says they are a luxury item that would be given as a corporate gift. Other foods listed on the page are horse meat (with photo), grilled sparrow on a stick, living fish, and blowfish. So do other melons like cantelope grow square in a box or is the rind not tough enough? Would oranges grow square?

Check out the larger photo of the square watermelon and a photo of some horse meat.


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Robotic Pack Mule Developed For The Military In This Video

Robot Pack Mule VideoHere is a video of a robot pack mule that is being developed for the military to carry gear into terrain which is inaccessable by vehicle. They show it moving through various terrain including snow, deep mud, rocky shale, and just regular dirt. This thing looks like two guys carrying a load between them as the legs in the front and the back both have the joint pointed inwards. It really looks weird because it moves like a human but your eyes tell you it's a robot. They show it turning in a circle by side stepping and being able to catch itself if someone kicks it in the side. I'd like to see them walk this thing up a sand dune though. You know after they get this thing working pretty good�as a pack animal that�guard dogs and or mounting guns on this thing is next. Robot police horses? If we can't have flying cars this�might be the next best thing. Imperial walkers here we come.

Watch the full video of this robot pack mule for yourself below or click over and view it on the host site.


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