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Beer Cannon Destroys Household Objects In Slow Motion For The Win

Beer Cannon VideoHere is a slow motion video of various household objects being fired at high speed at various other household objects and shown here in slow motion. Some of the things they fire out of the cannon are beer cans, mustard jars,�sausage, whipped cream containers, and paintballs. They use a little white cup inside the cannon barrel to blow out whatever it is that they are shooting out of the cannon (you see the white cup in most of the shots). When they shoot the paintballs it works like a shotgun and peppers the target. They blast a TV, a radio, melons, flower�pots, flower arrangements, bottles of wine,�and all kinds of�other stuff�with beer cans.

Watch the video of the beer cannon below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Classic Video Games Depictred In Stop Motion Video Of Household Objects

Stop Motion Video Game VideoIn this video someone out there on the interweb took the time to create stop motion homages to old video games like Pac-Man, Frogger, and Space Invaders. The items in the stop motion video are all from around the house like sponges, toys, cupcakes, salt shakers, leaves, bugs, rocks, etc. First up it features Centipede using cupcakes, muffins, birthday candles, and salt shakers. They did a pretty good job capturing the gameplay in all of them. Next up is Frogger which uses sponges, sequence, watchs, pretzels, and other such items to create a pretty accurate depiction of Frogger even down to the high score. Next up is Asteroids, Space Invaders, and finally Pac-Man where Pac-Man is played by a pizza.

Click over and check out the full�stop motion video homage to�classic video games.


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Video Showing A Homopolar Motor Made Of Household Items

Simple Motor Video TrickThis video shows how to make a homopolar motor out of a few household items. You take a battery, a screw, a magnet, and a piece of wire. The magnet goes on the top of the screw and the point of the screw it touching the positive side of the battery. The wire goes from the negative side of the battery to the magnet. This creates a current and causes the screw plus magnet to spin around. Pretty cool little trick the only someone hard to find item would probably be that magnet. It looks like a watch battery but most magnets I've seen are that dull black color.

Check out the video of this homopolar video for yourself below or click over and view it on the host site.


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People Make A Home Made Rocket Powered Skate Board And Ride Off Into The Sunset

Rocket Board VideoSo the people in this video make their own rocket engine out of household items like sugar and PVC pipe. Then they strap this rocket engine to a weird looking skate board (I've never seen a skateboard with wheels hanging out in the front and back like that). The kid gets on the skate board, pulls the ignition string and off he goes. The rocket make a whole bunch of smoke and he is soon obscured by the smoke. I can't say that the speed is all that great on it either. The aftermath picture shows where near the end of the rocket it burned through the PVC pipe.

Check out this home made rocket powered skate board for yourself.

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These Guys Turn A Few Household Items Into A Home Made Flame Thrower

Homemade Flame Thrower 2 VideoHere is a second video of a homemade flamethrower which could blow up at any time and burn your hand off so don't try this at home unless you want a Darwin Award (nice run on sentence huh?). Anyway, these guys fill up a super soaker squirt gun with flammable liquid and then go outside for some fun. They have a burning piece of paper tied to the front of the super soaker to act as the wick for the flame thrower. Then they proceed to run around blowing flames up into the air and melting snow with it. The video concludes with them flaming a stuffed dummy of their old cloths.

Check out the video of the home made flame thrower for yourself.


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