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Tallest Man In The World And One Of The Smallest Meet Up In This Photo

Tallest And Smallest Man In The World PhotoHere's an article from the UK with photos of the tallest and one of the smallest man in the world. The tallest guy is 7 feet 9 inchs and the small guy in the photo is 2 feet 4 inchs tall. Apparently there is another guy that is slightly shorted. The small guy is 19 years old and the tallest guy is�59 years old I.�The tallest guy was also recently married.


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Shaky Cam Video Of The Worlds Tallest Horse

Here's a video taken from what seems like a cell phone came of the world's�tallest living�horse. Apparently he eats 18 pounds of grain, 40 pounds of hay, and drinks 20 gallons of water a day. He's 6 feet and 7.5 inchs tall which I assume is at the shoulder and weighs around 2400 pounds.



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Thumbelina Dwarf Mini Horse Is Only 17 Inchs Tall In This Photo

Tiny Dwarf Horse PhotoHere's a photo of a dwarf�mini horse. The people that own the horse breed small horses and this small horse just happens to be a dwarf�mini horse. The horse is about five years old now, weighs 60 pounds, and is 17 inchs tall. Normal small horses live about 34 years but because of her size this horse will probably live 17 years. The owners have named the horse Thumbelina according to the article. Apparently the horse prefers to live with the dogs rather than the other horses because they are more her size. They need to get one of these for the miniture guy in Nepal.

Check out the full article plus a large photo of Thumbelina the dwarf mini horse.


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14 Year Old In Nepal Is Only 20 Inchs Tall And Could Be Smallest Man In World

Small Guy In Nepal PhotoSo this is one of the many photos of the 14 year old from Nepal who is only 20 inchs tall. Apparently he has to wait until he is 18 before he can be submitted to the Guinness�Book of World Records for the smallest man in the world record. His name is Khagendra Thapa Magar and this photo has him standing next to his brother who is younger than he is. There are multiple other photos of this guy over on Yahoo as well. Again this just demonstrates that most myths are based on fact such as Tom Thumb�who probably did exist and was similar to this guy.

Head over to Yahoo and view the full sized photo of this minature guy plus other photos of him.


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Giant Mutant Tomato Grown In Japan Almost Four Inchs Across

Mutant Tomato PhotoA farmer in Japan who has been growing tomatos for 30 years recently grew this giant mutant tomato which he says looks like a Chinese lion mask. Apparently the mutant tomato is about three times normal size at 10 cm across and weighting 150 grams (or about a third of a pound). So is the farm down wind from one of the nuclear blasts from WWII or possibly getting water from one of their nuclear plants. Next thing you know they will clone this mutant tomato and it will be a delicacy in Japan like square watermelons.

Check out the full size photo plus article about this huge mutant tomato after the jump.


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Guy Performs An Illusion Of Anti Gravity While In A Milk Crate

Anti Gravity Device VideoThe guy in this video does an illusion where it looks like he has created an anti gravity device out of a milk crate. There is a black bottom, a black bar across the crate from one corner to another, a gamepad hooked up to the black bar, and a string tied to the�other two corners of the crate. The guy steps into the crate and picks up the controller. He proceeds to rise up out of the box so it looks like there is maybe 2 inchs between his feet and the bottom of the box before 'landing' again. Next up he puts the rope around his shoulders and this time the whole box lifts up so it is maybe two inchs off the ground (and this time he is standing�on�the bottom of the box).

Watch the full video of this guy's anti gravity milk crate below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Ninja Chipmonk Takes On Cat With Matrix Moves And Wins

Ninja Chipmonk Fight VideoSo the video starts out with a chipmonk (ninja) hiding from a cat under a car tire. The cat keeps trying to see the chipmonk around the tire but the chipmonk is too quick for the cat. Finally, the chipmonk has had enough and moves away from the tire off through the grass. The cat follows�and starts batting at the chipmonk. Here is where the (chip) ninjamonk starts getting crazy on the cat. The ninjamonk jumps maybe two or three inchs up in the air every time while spinning around trying to scare the cat off. Finally, the ninjamonk starts getting up in the cats face and the cat gets scared, turns tail, and runs off.

Watch the full video of the chipmonk scaring a cat away below or click over and view it on the host site.


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You Try Using A Fork With Four Inch Long Fingernails For A Good Time

Long Finger Nails PhotoReal or fake? The Sri Lankan model in the photo has what appear to be�4 inch long painted fingernails. I'm pretty sure they are stick on nails but you never know (if you've ever seen the Guiness World Book Of Records photos for the longest fingernails). Her fingernails come out about four inchs and then curl at the end. On the end of each fingernail is clipped a fake butterfly. The fingernails seem to be painted transparent pink with sparkles on them and they pretty much all look the same. The caption for the photo doesn't say one way or another. If they were real I doubt you'd be able to have that amount of conformity. Imagine trying to do anything with four inch long fingernails. Yeah.

Check out the full sized photo of the four inch long clip on fingernails.


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Guinness World Record Photo Of The Tallest Guy In The World

Tall Guy And Short GuyOver on Yahoo one of the most emailed photos is of the tallest living guy in the world and one of the shortest guys (or at least the shortest stuntman). The tallest living guy is a 53 year old Mongolian and he is 7 feet 8.95 inchs tall. The short guy is 49 years old and was born in Kenya. He is 4 feet 1.7 inchs tall and while he may not be the shortest guy he is the shortest pro stuntman. The photo was taken for Guinness World Records in London according to the caption of the photo. It doesn't say what their shoe sizes are.

Check out the full size photo of the tallest and one of the shortest people in the world today.


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Dash Boarders Or Mud Boarders As I Call Them Get Crazy In This Competition Video

Dashboarding VideoApparently the sport depicted in this video is called dashboarding (by the people that do it anyway). If you ask me it looks more like mud boarding. As far as I can tell you go down to a river mouth or some other area where there is very shallow water and sand. Then you set up some rails to grind on and you "dash". Dashing consists of a surf boars style board that is flat but short (shorter than even a boogie board). The user runs and dumps on the board which is sliding on the top of the 1-2� inchs of water. Once on the board the dasher hits the rail and does a grind. Sometimes the dashboard eats it. One guy in the video (and only one guy) has a helmet on. He eats it. Everyone has no helmet and half of them eat it. Two or three of them break their boards in half.

Check out the dashboarding (I'm going to call it mud boarding) for yourself.


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