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Cow Born In Wisconsin Has Two Noses Which Both Work

Two Nosed Calf PhotoHere's a photo that popped up on Yahoo's most emailed list recently. The photo is of a calf which has two noses. The second nose is in the center top of the first nose and looks more like a snout than a regular cow nose. Apparently the second nose is functional. The article also claims that the nose defect is usually not caused by genetics. So which nuclear power plant or uranium mine are�they living next to then?



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Photo Of A Two Faced Cow Born In Virginia

Two Faced Cow PhotoThis photo of a two faced cow shot up to the number one emailed photo on Yahoo today. Yesterday it was on the move in their top twenty or so. Apparently the cow has two eyes in the center of the two faces, two tongues, and two different noses which it breaths out of. The real question is does Rural Retreat, Virginia where the cow was born glow? In reality mutations like this are pretty common it seems as we've posted things like this before and there are whole websites dedicated to five legged cows and other such things.

Check out the full sized photo of the two faced cow for yourself.


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Video Of The Swedish Police Officers Raiding The Pirate Bay Serverfarm

The Pirates Bay Raid VideoApparently on the 31st of May a group of about 50 Swedish police officers raided the�server farm of the company�which hosts the server for "The Pirate Bay" website. "The Pirate Bay" is a website which indexes torrent files (which are filesharing�pointers to other files). Some of these pointers point to files which may infringe copyrights in certain countries. However, "The Pirate Bay" is a prefectly legal service (according to the owners and the local law apparently) where it is hosted which is in Sweden. To make a long story short the MPAA alledgidly put political pressure on a Swedish politician who put pressure on Swedish police to 'raid' this data center. This video is from the security cameras in the data center. It's pretty funny watching these 'police' wander around in the datacenter and pick their noses (literally). Police don't wear uniforms in Sweden or what? Even more interestingly is that usually after the guy with the camo jacket wanders by the police come back and cover the security cameras with garbage bags. Could they be any more unprofessional if they tried? This video doesn't show it but apparently they took ALL of the servers in the datacenter regardless of who owned them. For the win?

Watch the full video of The Pirate Bay police raid below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Dog Gets Happy And Scared On A News Set And Takes A Giant Dump

Dog Crap VideoIn this video a blonde news anchor lady brings the other woman news anchor's dog onto the set as a joke. The only problem is that the dog gets all happy and scared and then proceeds to take a giant dog crap right in the middle of the set. After taking the giant crap the dog pulls the blonde news anchor over in an effort to get to his owner. Not soon after this the smell of the dog crap starts permiating the news room and soon everyone is holding their noses because the smell of dog crap is so bad.

Watch this dog take a giant dog crap in the middle of a news room.


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What Is That Smell, Check Out The Funny Video And Find Out

Funny Madwagon Commercial VideoThis commercial had me laughing out loud so make sure you check this one out. It starts out in a classroom with a guy sitting next to a girl. They exchange looks and the guy plays footsies with the girl (aka he rubs his shoe up and down her leg). Then the camera pans to some of the other people in the class and they are wrinkling their noses like something smells bad. The teacher smells something, turns around, and asks "What is that smell?". The girl looks down at her leg and there is a big brown line of crud on her leg where the guy was rubbing his foot. She gets up in disgust and the camera pans to the guy's�shoe which is covered in dog crap! The guy is speechless. At the end of the commercial it shows a bike from Madwagon and says "because walking sucks". Very funny viral commercial.

Next time check your shoes for dog crap before you come inside!


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