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Origins Of Werewolves Decide For Yourself With These Photos

Hiary Russian Guy PhotoHere's a five page article which details multiple stories of people who have hair growing long all over them (see photo). There are multiple black and white photos of these people with exceedingly long hair and a few drawings as well. In a couple of the photos it appears that the same long hair trait was passed on to their children. One Russian guy named Adrian with the overly long hair problem had yellow eyes and greyish skin. Adrian had a son which also had the same problem and who later become "Jo-Jo the Dog Faced Boy". The description of the Adrian guy sure sounds like the beginnings of a werewolf myth though with this yellow eyes, greyish skin, covered in hair, and living on the forest. Or at the very least a perpetuation and reaffirmation of the existing werewolf myths.

Read the full article about multiple people covered in hair and being possible origins for werewolf myths.


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Porsche Carrera has trouble steering. Ouch.

Funny Car CrashI was sifting through a web forum and came across a pretty funny gem of a picture that was posted in with the garbage. The picture looks like it is faked as the quality is pretty low but it is also possible that it is legit (or at least staged for an advertisement). The driver wasn't looking at the road that's for sure. In any event, you'll have to click over and view the whole picture to see why the Porsche Carrera crashed in such a spectacular fashion. If you know the origins of the picture post it in the comments.

Amusing�Car Crash Picture.

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