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Year Of The Pig Features Two Faced Pig From China

Two Faced Pig PhotoOne of the number one emailed photos for today is this photo of a two faced pig from China. Apparently it has three eyes, two snouts, two mouths, but only one head. It's also the Year of the Pig in China.



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Dragonfly Like Remote Controlled Robot Demo Reel

This demo reel video shows a "dragonfly" like remote controlled robot. It is about the size of say a pigeon and looks like it is made out of styrofoam. It flaps it's wings but it also has two very small propellers on either side. Apparently it is a buyable product and not just a prototype.



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Pigeon Attempts To Land On A Car And Is Rejected In This Car Commercial

Bird Deflect VideoHere's a funny car commercial which features the car protecting itself from a pigeon. The pigeon is sitting up on the tree eyeing the car and then flies down to land on the car. The car has other ideas however and using it's anti pigeon technology wacks the pigeon away from the car with it's hood. The pigeon is entirely CG or so claims the caption for the video. It's probably possible that the pigeon on the branch and flying towards the car is real and then when the bird gets hit it turns into a CG bird and sprawls on the ground. Apparently Ford sells these kinds of cars in Europe? Good luck with that.

Check out the pigeon deflector car commercial video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Blender Of Cultures In This Bollywood Music Video From The 90s

Crazy Indian Music VideoHere's an Indian music video (Bollywood) from the 90s with some crazy dance moves and what sounds like a mix of techno, pop, English, and Hindi. Not to mention the blender of cultures they have going on which includes traditional Indian women's saris, 80s American mens clothes ala Miami Vice, blue jeans, overalls, pigtails, and super bright colors. The local Indian food restaurant has a bollywood music video channel called B4U Music playing this kind of thing non-stop. Looks like you can order it from Dish Network for around twenty bucks a month. You know, in case you have nothing else to do.

Check out the full crazy Indian music video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Video Clip Of Some Blue Glowy Jellyfish Swimming Around In The Dark

Jellyfish VideoHere is a short video clip of some jellyfish swimming in a New York aquarium exhibit. The jellyfish are glowing in the dark and the video itself is surprisingly clear. Most of the video on this host site is pretty tore up looking compression wise but I don't really see any artifacts in this one. Jellyfish like these are where they get the genes that they are splicing with various plants and animals (like the green glowy pigs we've posted on here before). Apparently, the exhibit is called 'Alien Stingers'.

Watch the full video clip of the blue glowy jellyfish below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Did Dr Seuss Ever Imagine Eggs And Green Ham?

Green Glowing PigsWe posted a photo of a puppy with green fur before but up for today is the photo of the glowing green pigs. Mutants for the win. Some scientists in Taiwan adding some jellyfish DNA to pigs which made green and glow in the dark. There is a second photo of the pigs in the day where you can see how "green" they actually are. They aren't dark green or anything like that. The "pinkness" of the pigs instead looks "greenish" and they glow in the dark. The point apparently is to be able to inject the green stem cells into regular pigs so they can track the green genetic material or some such.

Head on over and read the full article about the green pigs and see the day time photo.


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