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Material Repulses Magnet Only When Very Very Cold In This Video

Cold Magnet VideoThis video features an interesting material that only repulses a magnet while at a certain temperature. In the video they have the black cube material in what I assume is a styrofoam bowl. Next they place the magnet on the black cube to show that it doesn't repulse the magnet. Next they pour liquid nitrogen into the styrofoam bowl to cool down the black cube. This time when they place the magnet over the black cube the magnet is repulsed and floats above the black cube. When they take it out of the liquid nitrogen and it heats up a little bit it no longer repulses the magnet. For the win.

Check out the video of the material that only repulses a magnet if it is a certain temperature below or click over and view it on the host site.


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