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Crab Footed Miniature Steam Locamotive Moves Around In This Video

This video features a pretty bizarre vehicle. It is a miniature steam locamotive except that instead of wheels and a track it runs on crab legs. There looks to be maybe 50 or so crab looking feet that moves the miniature engine around.



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Small Hatchback Goes From Drivable To Flaming Car To Burned Out Hulk

Car Fire VideoSo these people are driving along in their hatchback when the car starts to smoke. They pull over and open the hood to find some flicker of flames up near the dashboard. The smoke just gets worse and worse. They get´┐Żout a fire extinguisher but as far as I can tell they never actually get it to work. Probably couldn't get the pin out or the plastic lock broken. The flames are realling coming out of the dashboard now. Fastfoward a little bit and the car gets slowly engulfed by fire. The firetrucks finally show up and put the fire out in a giant cloud of smoke and steam. The car is a total loss.

Watch this car turn into a blazing inferno.


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Do Not Miss The Steaming Pile Of Cow Crap Photo

Smoking Pile Of Cow Crap PhotoWell it isn't everyday that you get to see pictures of steaming piles of cow crap posted on national news sites but there it is. According to the caption of the photo over on Yahoo there is 2000 tons of cow manure (aka CRAP) in a pile and it spontaneously combusted. That is a seriously large pile of cow crap. On fire. The pile of cow CRAP has been smoldering for over two months now despite attempts to put the fire out. The steaming pile of cow crap is located in Nebraska so don't let anyone from Nebraska ever tell you Nebraska isn't full of crap. Truth be told it looks like it is.

Check out the steaming (or smoking) pile of cow crap photo for yourself.


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