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Photo Of A Baby Chicken With Four Legs In New Zealand

Four Legged Baby Chicken PhotoHere is an article from New Zealand about a baby chick which had four legs. Apparently it recently died because of digestive issues and they are now keeping it in a freezer before having it stuffed. So the question is have you ever seen a four legged chicken before? And how many of todays animals are the way they are because of a mutation which happened a long time ago. If you think about it they should get the DNA from this baby chick and see if they can clone it without the side effects. That would give you two extra legs per chicken for food consumption. Combine this with the featherless chickens and you'd have a winner.

Head over and read the full article about the four legged baby chick for yourself.


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Guy Pulls A Bunch Of Concealed Weapons Out Of His Baggy Clothes In A Demo Video

Concealed Weapons VideoThis video clip appears to be an orientation video for some highschool which is probably shown to parents. In the video there is a guy wearing baggy clothes and he starts pulling guns out and puts them on the table. When you first look at him you can't even tell he has one gun. He starts at the left pulling guns out of his pocket and belt. At one point he pulls out a .45 with a really long barrel and then an Uzi with a full clip from the small of his back. Next he pulls out a full pump shotgun which was stuffed down the back of his baggy pants. Most of the other weapons seem plausable but this one I have my doubts on. You couldn't even sit down with a shotgun down the leg of your pants. It is pretty crazy though how many guns he has on him that you can't even seen.

Watch this guy pull at least ten guns out of his baggy clothes.


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Stuffed Animals Bounce Around To The Music In The Back Window For A Good Time

Speaker Commercial VideoThis video clip is an advertisement for car sterio speakers. The person gets in the car and turns on the sterio. There is a teddy bear and a bunny in the back window of the car. The bumping of the sound causes the two stuffed animals to bounce around in the back window of the car. The commercial makes you think they are doing it in the back window to the music. Nice try at the "sex sells" trick guys but in this case it doesn't make me want to buy your speakers.

Check out the commercial with the bouncing stuffed animals.


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Put On Ye Ol Farmers Hat And Head Out To The Chicken House For Some Eggs

Scrambled Eggs Flash GameIn the free flash game Scrambled Eggs you have an egg basket and you must catch eggs that are shooting out of a hen house with it. If you miss the eggs they go splat all over the place. If you miss three eggs you lose. The graphics are cartoony and cool. Fun little game. The real question is how many hens do they have stuffed in that hen house to allow them to shoot an egg out of the pipes every few seconds? How many hens does it take to change a lightbulb?

Put on your farmers hat and go collect some eggs!


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These Guys Turn A Few Household Items Into A Home Made Flame Thrower

Homemade Flame Thrower 2 VideoHere is a second video of a homemade flamethrower which could blow up at any time and burn your hand off so don't try this at home unless you want a Darwin Award (nice run on sentence huh?). Anyway, these guys fill up a super soaker squirt gun with flammable liquid and then go outside for some fun. They have a burning piece of paper tied to the front of the super soaker to act as the wick for the flame thrower. Then they proceed to run around blowing flames up into the air and melting snow with it. The video concludes with them flaming a stuffed dummy of their old cloths.

Check out the video of the home made flame thrower for yourself.


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Three Attendants Push And Shove Everyone Onto The Subway In Japan Video

Packed Japanese Subway VideoI've seen videos of this before but it still amazes me everytime I see one. In Japan the�attendants�at the Subway station have to shove everyone into the subway car in order to close the door. In this video we see one guy trying to push his way slowly into the subway car. Finally the train is getting ready to go and one attendant starts shoving him in. It isn't going fast enough though and two other attendants run up to help shove all the people onto the train. Finally they get everyone in and are able to close the doors. I can't even imagine being stuffed in�a subway car like that. Every day.

Check out the Japanese Subway video crazyness for yourself.


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Vegetarians May Disagree With Me, They Can Get Stuffed Video

Australian Lamb CommercialFor Americans this is probably a pretty strange commercial. At least I think it is a commercial as it could be a public service announcement, a joke, or paid for by sheep herders. Anyway the guy in the video goes on and on and on and on about things that are un-Australian (like not eating lamb on Australian Day). It's possible that it is something like a "Beef. It's what's for dinner." commercial. In any event the guy is pretty funny. For example, he goes "Do you think the�buggers(?) in the trenchs were fighting for tofu sausages? No, they're thinking of grabbing a lamb chop off the barbie with their bare hands sustaining third degree burns." And continues, "the vegetarians may disagree with me, they can get stuffed, they know the way to the airport and if they don't I'll show them!"

Check out the video for some Australian humor.


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When Marriage Proposals Go Wrong

Marriage Proposal Goes Wrong VideoThe woman in the video is on a basketball court in some kind of contest. She has a blindfold on and she has to walk around on the court while the crowd tells her hot or cold until she finds the stuffed "bank" character. When she finds thed stuffed "bank" she wins. Or does she? The stuffed "bank" takes his costume off and it is her boyfriend. He gets the microphone and holds a ring out to her and then asks her to marry him in front of hundreds of people. She says NO! D0H! The look on his face is pretty classic. He can't comprehend that she says no. At this point she runs off and tries to exit the area. For whatever reason one of the security guards blocks her way and the video clip ends there.

Did you ever think, "What if she says no?".


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