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Amazing Tuvan Throat Singers Video From Black Sea Area

This video is from Turkey (or around there somewhere in the general area) and it features two Tuvan throat singers. The one guy on the right starts up and then the person on the left breaks in with a much harsher note.



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Older Guy Takes Out Three Other Young Guys Who Try To Beat Him Down

One Versus Three VideoSo this video takes place in Asia somewhere. The police have a police line setup between two groups of people but there are only about three police in the line holding the one group of people back. There is an older guy on the left who is shouting insults or some such at the other crowd of people. First one guy ducks under the police line and comes at the old guy only to take a punch right in the face from the old guy. Now another two young guys ducks under and come for the old guy. The first guy to reach him takes a fist in the throat and the second guy gets warded off. They struggle back and forth with the old guy holding all three of them off. It looks like a couple of them pick up bottles or sticks or something but the old guy still beats them down. The video ends around there with the policing coming for them.

Check the video out for yourself where three guys forgot their karate lessons.


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Panda Grabs Zoo Visitor By The Jacket And Tries To Drag Him Inside The Cage

Panda Rage VideoHere we have a video with some people looking at a�panda in a zoo. Except this isn't a nice little cuddly panda. This panda is a seriously, I'm going to rip your throat out, rage blinded panda. The zoo visit in this video got to close to the panda cage and the panda grabbed him. The panda then proceeds to try and pull the guy into the panda cage. Other zoo visitors rush to help the guy. The video ends with the panda having mostly torn the guy's jean jacket off and pulled it into his cage. It looks like it happened somewhere in Asia and I would guess in China.

If you had to live in a cage in a zoo you would probably be pissed off too.


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The Time Of The Mutants Is At Hand Two Headed Turtle Crawls Around In This Video

Two Headed Turtle VideoSomeone is living a little bit to close to the nuclear test facility here. In this video we have a turtle that has two heads. There have been photos I've seen on the internet of frogs with 7 legs and things like that but I've never seen a two headed turtle before. You have to wonder which head controls which legs or if one head controls two legs and one head controls the other two legs. Which head eats? Do they both eat? Do they both have throats that go to the same stomach? Do you feed the two headed turtle two heads of lettuce? Here is a hint folks, if your Geiger Counter is clicking like crazy don't breed your turtles.

Check out the two headed turtle in this video.

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