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Cross Between A Zebra And A Horse In This Photo From A Zoo

Zebra Horse PhotoThere is a photo up on the most emailed Yahoo photos of a cross breed horse in a zoo. Apparently the parents of the horse were a horse and a zebra which gave the resulting animal a very strange pattern. The head and rear of the horse have zebra stripes while the middle of the horse (front legs and stripe down the back) are just white. Darwin theory at work!



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Two Crazy Guys In A Zebra Suit Run Around In Africa And Get Attacked By Lions

Guys In Zebra Suit Attacked By Lions VideoI couldn't decide if this video was more awesome or more deserving of�a Darwin Award Finalist medal. These two guys put on a bunch of protective gear (helmets, pads, guards, and more)�and then get into a zebra suit. The one thing I didn't see was face protection on either of them. They run around in the African bush wearing the zebra suit with the zebra's until they get attacked by two lions. They run away from the two lions but not before the lions knock them down. The guy in front finally takes his zebra head off and the lion grabs it and drags it off. I guess the lion had never gotten the zebra's head off that quickly before.

Well you could try this at home if you lived in Africa, you had a zebra suit, and a death wish.


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