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Cross Between A Zebra And A Horse In This Photo From A Zoo

Zebra Horse PhotoThere is a photo up on the most emailed Yahoo photos of a cross breed horse in a zoo. Apparently the parents of the horse were a horse and a zebra which gave the resulting animal a very strange pattern. The head and rear of the horse have zebra stripes while the middle of the horse (front legs and stripe down the back) are just white. Darwin theory at work!



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3d Animated Myopic Life Drudgery Montage Music Video

Weird Animation VideoHere is what appears to be a music video except that is done completely with 3D animation with a flat color palette. It starts out with a world view and then zooms in on the UK. It keeps zooming in more and focuses on a specific house with a woman inside. It animates various life tasks and feels somewhat like one of those really large�ecosystem sketch�books. The woman gets up, east breakfast, goes to work, goes to lunch, goes back to work, and comes home again. A montage of the McDonalds culture if you will. At the end it zooms out and zooms in on Japan.

Watch the weird animated life video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Damaged Gas Tanker Explodes In A HUGE Fireball Engulfing Two City Blocks

Crazy Insain Gas Explosion VideoThis video seems to be from a chopper or some other sky news camera. The screen dub is in German or Czech or some other Latin base language. At first they start out with a close up of�a�overturned gas big rig with some fire around it. From there the video zooms out and then the gas tanker gives in to the fire and just explodes in a huge fireball. We aren't talking your normal "wow that was a huge explosion". We're talking "holy crap that fireball is fifty stories high and just engulfed two city blocks" explosion.�If you look close when the video is zoomed in you can see what looks like a parking garage which is about four stories. Now look at the fireball. Yeah.

Watch the video of the giant gas tanker explosion below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Photo And Video Of Worlds Smallest Monkets The Pygmy Marmoset

Tiny Monkey VideoOver on Yahoo's most emailed photos they have several images of these tiny Pygmy Marmoset monkeys which have been kicking around in the top 25 or so for the last two weeks. The photos of these monkeys are from a zoo in Sweden but over on YouTube there is a video of the tiny monkeys in action at a zoo in Canada. According to the caption for this photo these tiny monkey's are the smallest monkeys in the world and live in the upper Amazon basin. The video of the Pygmy Marmoset monkeys shows an adult size monkey next to a baby and then has a hand that moves into camera range for a size comparison.

Check out the video of the pygmy marmoset monkey below or on the host site.And check out the full sized photos of the minature monkeys over on Yahoo.


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Mutant Albino Alligator Living At The Los Angeles Zoo

Alibino Alligator PhotoOne of the top most emailed photos on Yahoo right now is this photo of an albino alligator which is currently on display at the Los Angeles Zoo. Apparently there are only around 30 known albino alligators in the world in a population of around 5 million alligators. They are albino because of a genetic mutation where they don't produce melanin which is what gives them their normal color. Additionally albinos don't last long in the wild because they don't have their normal protection from predators and the sun according to a second�article on the subject.

Check out the full sized photo of the albino mutant alligator for yourself.


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Table Top Touch Screen Display Interface Test For Warcraft III And Google Earth

Table Top Display Test VideoThis video features the table top (projection from above) display combined with a touch and voice recognition interface for Warcraft III and Google Earth. First they show Google Earth and the guy uses his hands to pan around, zoom in, select regions, and measure distances. He also combines in some voice commands which compliment the interactivity provided by the touch display. Next up he demonstrates using the screen to play Warcraft III. He selects a group of units by placing an arm on each side of the units and he also uses voice commands such as 'build farm' which pops up a farm to be built by the next available worker and then touchs the screen to show where it should be built. At the very end they show a quick clip of two people controling the same Warcraft III interface.

Click over and view the full video of the table top projection display interface for yourself.


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250 Year Old Tortoise Finally Bites The Big Dog

250 Year Old Tortoise PhotoSo apparently there was a tortoise named Addwaita who has lived in a zoo in India for the last ~131 years or so. The zoo was founded in 1875 and the tortoise started living there then. The�info for the photo states that the tortoise was around 250 years old and just recently died from liver failure. He was believed be to the oldest living tortoise according to the information with the photo. Aren't tortoises suppost to be one of the oldest living creatures (reptiles?). This guy outlived all the zookeepers over a 131 year period though so I guess the tortoise really does beat the rabbit in the end.

Head over and check out the full sized photo of this ~250 year old tortoise.


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Video Of A Surfer Being Pulled Into Over A Hundred Foot Wave Out In The Ocean

Big Wave VideoIf you've never seen video of a truely big wave this is one to watch. These big waves are way out in the middle of the ocean and in order for surfers to ride them they have to have jet ski's tow them into the wave. The video starts out with a jet ski towing this guy in and you can't really see the size and scope of the wave until the video gets zoomed out a little big. This is a GIANT wave. The guy surfs down the from and through a tunnel which whites out on him. He's still surfing in front of the wave though as the wave collapses behind him in a giant wash of spray. Near the end of the video he is lost to the view of the camera.

Check out this truely gigantic wave in this video for yourself or view it below.


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Guy Shows Off His Fake Hydraulics And Pretends To Look Cool In A Hatchback

Pimp Ride VideoHere we have a guy in his car which looks like it has the hydraulics bouncing it up and down. The guy looks around pretending he is cool and the camera slowly zooms out. Once it zooms out enough we can see that the "hydraulics" are really some guy standing on the back of the car jumping up and own. And the red car itself it just an old beater hatchback which may or may not even run. This one reminds me of the other car insurance commercial with the nerds driving into the ghetto bouncing their car.

Check out this fake hydraulics car to waste time at work.


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Sexy Mamma Bares All While Trying On A New Shirt For A Good Time

Sexy Mamma PhotoWhat did you think you were going to get when you clicked over to this blog? Well that caption was a little misleading wasn't it? Anyway this photo of a sexy Sumatran orangutan dressing herself at a Zoo in Moscow is the most emailed photo on Yahoo right now. Now all she needs is a big floppy hat with a feather in it. I think Sumatra called and they want their monkey back.

Head on over to Yahoo and see the full size image of this crazy monkey.


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