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Woman In China Has Three Armed Baby Boy For The Win

Three Armed Baby PhotoSo the latest most emailed photo on Yahoo is this photo of a three armed baby that was born in China. There isn't any information on if his third arm actually works normally or not but by the way it is there I'm thinking it probably does. I did see some additional info on another site which said he is missing a kidney though. Additionally, it looks like the normal arm on the same side as the third arm is also somewhat non-normal (the elbow seems wrong and so does the wrist and length of the thumb). So now they are breeding three armed Chinese ninjas in China to take over the world or is this just from some serious river pollution? If you had three arms you could carry a secret weapon, use two mice at the same time, or even be�33% better than all the other ninjas on the planet. It's the new rage. Why settle for only two?

Check out the full sized photo of this kid with three arms and be envious for a good time.

Posted by Webmaster 17 years, 6 months ago.

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